About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa Neale.

Thanks for dropping by…….

I am always interested in learning new things, and as I transition this year to my new role as  the Principal of 21st Century Fluencies in the Leadership & Learning Department with Hamilton Wentworth District School Board exciting times are most certainly ahead!   I carry with my eight years of experience from adult, community and continuing education which has given me a great understanding of how much learning for all is foundational in our world.   I am humbled and honoured to begin working with everyone with a focus on learning  now and for the future.

When we connect with each other, there is a a vast array of informal and formal educational and life experiences that shape our interactions. In the 21st century more than ever, learning is relational, it’s about networking and collaborating with each other onground and online.  Through different media, learning is more than ever “just in time”.  Learning happens  anytime, anyplace and anywhere.  There is no demographic nor boundaries or timelines when it comes to learning with and from each other.  We learn and create together and  through our contributions the world becomes a better place.  It really is about improving life chances for all.

No matter where we come from I am reminded that learning is all around us.  It’s all about connecting bits of information together in new ways.  Life is full of responsibility, distraction and most importantly, opportunity.  In the day to day flurry of it all, even when it doesn’t seem like it, we are learning.

I like that learning is messy, unpredictable and everywhere.
What do you think? I invite you to share, comment and let’s continue to learn together.

Thanks for your time,


A sidebar, I live in Ontario and enjoy spending my spare time learning with my family and two dogs, Bill & Ted.


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