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PLNs and HWDSB Aspiring Leaders

On March 30th, HWDSB hosted a full day of workshops for 70 aspiring leaders.  Zoe Branigan-Pipe and I had the privilege of presenting a workshop on Personal Learning Networks. Our PLNs wiki organized our time together and shared
how PLNs allow one to make connections and collaborate within HWDSB (schools and system) from around the province, country and world.

An amazing highlight to the afternoon was when Alec Couros skyped in to comment and field questions on the importance of PLNs and how they build our capacity as learners and leaders.  Our session ended with a tie back to the Ontario Leadership Framework for Principals and Vice-Principals.

As leaders, we must take the risk with our time and create our own PLN.  Note:  everyone’s PLN will be and is different.  PLNs are customized to what and how you want to learn and  become a part of  one’s everyday learning and practice.


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